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Providing Community Integration

The Home To You Day Program is held in a safe, welcoming community in Ravenna.

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Our Vision
and Mission

Our CEO and founder, Michelle Miller, started this company with the intentions of providing a place of care, comfort and connection.  She envisioned a space where people with special abilities could have the freedom to create and design their own activities, decide the destinations of their life paths and have a clear voice in planning the events and outings they choose to participate in.  We want to encourage and assist the people we serve, to reach beyond their unique capabilities by providing them with the skills and opportunities to make their options limitless.

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How Do We Accomplish
Our Vision?

  • By focusing on Person Centered Planning.

  • Conducting weekly and monthly planning and implementing programing directly from the requests of the people we serve.

  • By offering transportation and staff to facilitate regular community outings of choice rather than predetermining destinations.

  • Working with the people we serve to develop and build upon personal interests.

  • Providing a Personal Interest Assessment as a foundation for our programing, activities and as a stepping stone towards community employment.

  • Assisting people to partake in volunteer opportunities in their own communities.

  • Offering direction and building skill sets that may lead to community employment, with the potential to develop into life long career paths.

  • Teaching life skills that may open the doors for a more independent lifestyle.

  • By promoting self-advocacy and offering a platform for people to understand their rights and explore their freedom of choice.

  • On-site seasonal gardening activities, compete with raised beds that are accessible to all.

  • Training our staff to meet the individual needs of our participants.

  • Facilitating therapy appointments.

  • Offering a safe, engaging and loving space.

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677 S. Diamond St., Ravenna, Oh 44266

Phone: (330) 850-5275

Fax: (330) 578-9064

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